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Moroccan Man Catches 3-Year-Old Girl Falling From 5th Floor Balcony in France


By Sanae Elouazi
Rabat – Rachid Channory, a Moroccan doorman in Nemours, France, managed to rescue a 3-year-old girl on Thursday who was falling from a fifth-floor balcony, using a sheet to cushion her fall, reported the French daily
Le Parisien.

While cleaning a room, the 59-year-old man was alerted by a neighbor on the afternoon of November 23, on the presence of a girl on a fifth floor balcony.

“I was cleaning a room when a lady came running. She explained that a little girl was about to fall off a fifth-floor balcony, and I immediately run upstairs,” He told the Parisian newspaper.

In the courtyard, there were already several people, and according to Rachid it was “hell,” because everyone was shouting.

“Fortunately, a neighbor managed to calm down the crowd. One person even fainted. I saw people reaching out to catch her if she fell!” he said.

A resident then gave them a big quilt, which they stretched out to catch the girl in case she tumbled over the balcony.

“The girl then backed off and tilted one leg over the guardrail, and the fall was violent. We all found ourselves on our knees. The firefighters took her immediately to Paris Necker hospital, and we were asked not to touch her,” he added.

A tragedy was avoided thanks to his intervention with the help of several others – the girl came out only with a fracture.

The mother, who was not there, she was seen by the police before being released. She said that she had entrusted her daughter to one of her neighbors.

“I just had a human reflex,” said Channory, who is now a hero in his neighborhood.

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