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Morocco Arrests International Gang Targeting Wealthy and Drug Lords

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Rabat – The gang, active in major Moroccan cities and abroad, was targeting the wealthy, businessmen and drug barons, capturing them for ransom.

According to Moroccan daily Assabah, nine alleged gang members were arrested throughout the operation. The suspects are under the investigation of Casablanca’s Court of Appeal  for criminal charges, including kidnapping and ransoming.

The arrest was conducted by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, also known as BCIJ. According to an initial investigation, the gang may have ties in sub-Saharan countries and Algeria.

According to the daily conducted criminal acts in several Moroccan cities. The criminal was targeting wealthy businessmen as well as drug tycoons. Assabah reported that the gang allegedly kidnapped a Nigerian businessman, whose family paid EUR 100,000 in ransom. The kidnappers asked for EUR 5 million in the first place.

Another Malian “drug lord” was kidnapped and was released for a MAD 1.4 million ransom, while an Algerian drug baron was released by the gang after paying a ransom of MAD 1.5 million.

The mastermind of the gang is allegedly from Tan-Tan, southwestern Morocco, but he was living in Casablanca. The kidnappers were having a deal with a car rental agency, which used to put a Maserati car in their service during the kidnapping operations.

Back in October, The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations elements dismantled another criminal gang suspected of several serious crimes, including kidnapping. The gang was  active in Casablanca, Fez and Agadir. According to the Ministry of Interior, the kidnappers targeted mostly wealthy people.

The ministry revealed that the operation led to the arrest of four criminals, including the mastermind of this network, and the seizure of significant sums of money as well as logistical means used in their crimes.


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