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Video: Alleged Algerian Soldiers Inhumanly Humiliate Sub-Saharan Migrants

Rabat – A video circulating on social media on Wednesday exposes alleged members of the Algerian army as they were forcing Sub-Saharan migrants to slap each others.

The video shows three migrants sitting on the floor as they were receiving orders from individuals wearing the uniform of the Algerian army.

The footage published on December 19 on Youtube, shows the soldiers as they are asking the three migrants to slap each others.

When one of the migrants refused to be slapped, a soldier hits him with a baton. At one point, you can hear one of the army members insulting the migrants and asking them to hit each other harder, all the while enjoying the inhuman show.

It has not been too long that the world celebrated the International Migrants Day. Monday marks this day, as many associations and NGOs revealed reports on sub-Saharan migrants and their sufferings.

In October, authorities rounded up Algerians in and around Algiers and  deported around 3000 sub-Saharan migrants to Niger since August 25, reported Human Rights Watch. The migrants, who were deported include people who worked for years in the country, families and pregnant women.

In September Algerian authorities started to arbitrarily arresting sub-Saharan migrants in Algiers, capital of Algeria. According to a research conducted by the human rights organization Amnesty International, the arrests were made on the basis of “racial profiling as they did not seek to ascertain whether the migrants had the right to stay in the country, either by checking their passports or other documents.”

For Amnesty’s North Africa Research Director Heba Morayef, “there can be no justification for rounding up and forcibly deporting hundreds of people based on the color of their skin or their assumed country of origin- a blatant case of mass racial profiling.”

Human Rights Watch added that Algerian authorities rounded up more than 1400 migrants and deported at least several hundred across the border into Niger since December 1.


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