Home News Tunisian’s Social Media Brawl with the UAE

Tunisian’s Social Media Brawl with the UAE

Tunisian’s Social Media Brawl with the UAE

Rabat – On December 22, 2017, United Arab Emirates banned Tunisian women under 30 from flying on Dubai-bound flights, which took effect on December 25, sparking the outrage of many Tunisian social media users.  


Tunisia responded to this ban on Sunday, December 24, 2017, by suspending all Emirates flights flying to and from Tunisia in a post on Facebook.

On Sunday, Anwar Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs stated on twitter that the UAE “appreciates and respects Tunisian Women” and only cites security breaching as the reason behind the move.

The banning has set social media ablaze with hashtags: #NoWomenNoFly and  #TunisiaDispilinestheUAE

Users have called out the sexism behind the UAE travel ban in many tweets. Many popular tweets applauding the Tunisian ministry include:

Tunisian twitter user, Shaima Dallali states “Never underestimate a nation that started a revolution…that spread across the Middle East.


Tunisia has been a leader in the Arab world for women’s rights. Many rulings have allowed women the right to vote, to be equally represented in government, and allow them to marry outside of their religion.

@Ryama12 takes a short opportunity to discuss the history of Tunisians achievements.


Another twitter user by the name Saraa Elamin took a moment to applaud Tunisian men for standing up for Tunisian women.


“I…[told the UAE foreign minister] that the perception is there because the move happened and so there is no way that we can maintain business as usual.”  said the Tunisian Foreign Minsiter Khemaies Jhinaoui.

The Tunisian ban on Emirates Airlines from landing in Tunisia will remain in effect until the carrier “adheres to international treaties,” said Jhinaoui.


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