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Cold Wave to Hit Morocco from January 5-9

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Rabat – Starting the afternoon of Friday, January 5 to Tuesday, January 9, a cold wave will hit Morocco, caused by an atmospheric depression in the north of the country, says the Directorate of National Meteorology (DNM).

Cold and humid air accompanied by widespread rains will prevail Friday afternoon all over the northern regions of Morocco. This cold wave is expected to reach most of the northern, eastern and the southern provinces of the country on Saturday and Sunday, said the DNM in a statement issued Wednesday.

These moderate to heavy rains  will be accompanied with heavy snowfall on the reliefs of the High and Middle Atlas, the Rif and the highlands of the Oriental region.

The Eastern and Northern  provinces will see moderate to strong winds, while the Atlantic coasts will be very  agitated, with wave heights reaching from 5 up to 6 meters.

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