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Chile’s National Congress Votes In Favor of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

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Chile's National Congress

Rabat – The overwhelming majority of Chile’s National Congress voted in support of Morocco’s autonomy initiative for the resolution of the Western Sahara issue, on Wednesday in Valparaiso.

With 66 in favor, 11 against, and 22 abstentions considered as favorable votes, Chile’s National Congress approved the Sahara autonomy plan proposed by Morocco.

Chilean MPs affirmed that the Moroccan initiative is “a serious and credible effort, which will undoubtedly enable the Sahara population to exercise their right to self-determination, by democratically managing their own affairs through legislative, executive and judicial bodies with exclusive powers under the sovereignty of Morocco.”

This is not the first time Chile shows support for Morocco’ autonomy plan. In January 2017,  Claudia Andrea Nogueira Fernandez, chairwoman of the Chile-Morocco friendship parliamentary group said on a visit to Morocco that “Chile has always supported Morocco’s territorial integrity over the Sahara.”

In the same year, two Moroccan delegations travelled to Chile to foster cooperation and friendship between the two countries, while exploring various ways to benefit from the partnership.  

International Support

The United Nations and the entire international community consider Morocco’s autonomy plan as a suitable solution for the final settlement of the Western Sahara dispute.

Presented  to the United Nations on April 10, 2007, Morocco’s autonomy proposal has been approved by the Security Council, deeming it as a “an opportunity to advance in the settlement of an issue that is running for more than thirty years now.”

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