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Italy: Moroccan Woman Found Dead, Dismembered in Macabre Ritual Murder

Italy murder
Investigators on the site where the body of the victim was found in Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona), in Gardone, 30 December 2017.

Rabat – A 46-year-old Moroccan woman was found dead last Friday in the Gargoni Valeggio forest in Verona, northern Italy. Her body was meticulously dismembered into a dozen pieces, according to Italian authorities.

Verona woke up to a gruesome murder on the eve of this new year. Khadija Bencheikha, a Moroccan woman who’s been living in Italy for more than 20 years, surviving on small jobs as a caregiver and cleaning lady, was found savagely dead in what the Italian media describe as a blood chilling murder.

A legal immigrant, the victim had no contact with dangerous or suspicious activities, according to the Italian police.

The murderer or murderers cut the body of the victim into a dozen pieces, probably with a power saw, sparing the limbs and head, dismembered but found intact.

Her corpse was found with only one item of clothing, an underwear, and was littered in a semicircle, fulling the hypothesis of a macabre ritual in a forest near the highway.

On December 29, a woman passing by the scene of the crime noticed the presence of several plastic bags, and quickly notified the police. According to the primary investigations of the authorities, Bencheikha succumbed to her death after receiving a lethal blow to the head.

According to the police, the murder took place elsewhere, as there were no traces of blood on the scene where the body was found; a field of vineyards and olive groves, which the killer knew quite well, said the authorities.

The murdered didn’t take the care to bury the body parts. According to the authorities, he probably knew that a few hundred meters away from the scene, there is the site of a former military base, now used a landfill frequented by herds of wild boar.

If the corpse had not been discovered immediately, the animals would have taken care of it without leaving traces, added the authorities.

The police questioned the ex husband of the victim whom she had divorced in 2009 as well as one of her relatives. However, in the absence of incriminating evidence, both men were released.

For the time being, the investigation is still ongoing to uncover the circumstances of this chilling crime, while her murderer(s) are still running free.

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