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Two Italian Teens Set on Fire Homeless Moroccan Man ‘As a Joke’


Rabat – A second gruesome murder targets a Moroccan national in Verona, Italy, this month. After the Moroccan woman who was murdered and decapitated in a chilling ritual crime, a 64-year-old homeless man was burned alive by two Italian teenagers.

Sheltering himself from the winter cold, Ahmed Fdil was taking refuge in a car to sleep when two Italian teengaers, aged 13 and 17, threw burning paper rolls at the vehicle, according to news outlet RT.

The car quickly caught on fire, and the 64-year-old was stuck inside. “To see him die like that was atrocious. To see him burning, he was alive,” Gino Capo, a witness who was trying to rescue Fdil, told the Associated Press agency.

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The two teenagers have been quickly identified as the prime suspects of the crime. According to Italian news outlet L’Arena, the boys admitted they took paper rolls from a nearby pizzeria to ignite and throw at the car.

“It was a joke, we didn’t do it on purpose,” Arena quoted one of the suspects.

Local authorities immediately ruled out the possibility that the car caught on fire by accident, as they’ve received many reports on months of harassment by a small group of delinquents, who harassed the homeless taking refuge in the area, and attacked anyone trying to defend them.

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