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Video: Moroccan Halal Food in South Korea’s Capital City

Morocco Cafe

Rabat – The Halal Road Show posted on its YouTube channel, YallaKorea, an episode about their visit to “Morocco Cafe,” a restaurant that serves authentic Moroccan food, in Seoul, South Korea.

Junsang and Chaerim, the two presenters of the show, went to Morocco Cafe, a restaurant owned and run by a Moroccan. The Moroccan chef served them many tasty tagines.

Though delicious, Junsang couldn’t resist the strong spicy flavor of coriander used in the “Chermoula” carrot dish.

“We followed a journey to hidden halal food in Seoul,” Junsang said.

The first dish that the restaurant served the YouTube vlogger was a salad made of “Chermoula” carrot, feta cheese, toasted almonds and caramelized plums.

After that, the Moroccan chef served them the preserved lemon chicken with green olives and more other tasty dishes that reflect the Moroccan cuisine from their look.

Lamb tagine with the typical Moroccan spice mix “rass el lhanut” and kefta tagine are on the menu.

The Morocco cafe served all its dishes to their clients in small decorated tagines that water the mouth before one tastes the food.

The program show launched its first episode in July 2017, and in five months, they managed to cover most important places that serves halal food.

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