Home International News 7 Migrants Die at Sea Trying to Reach Canary Islands

7 Migrants Die at Sea Trying to Reach Canary Islands

Two sub-Saharan Migrants Die Attempting to Reach Ceuta

Rabat Spanish rescuers discovered seven bodies on Monday near Spain’s Canary Islands, 130 kilometers from Morocco. Five bodies were discovered in an inflatable raft while two others were found in open water near Bastian beach on the island Lanzarote.

According to Reuters, three of the victims were “probably minors.” However, 20 men were successfully rescued after managing to swim to the coast, where they were treated for hypothermia.

The exact circumstances of the deaths are not known, although the police cited drowning or hypothermia as likely causes of death. According to the Iberian newspaper La Vangardia, all the occupants of the boat were North African.

The boat set sail from Morocco on Saturday and drifted for two days in very poor weather, explains La Vangardia.

This is far from an isolated event. Just two week ago, 154 sub-Saharan migrants were rescued off the Andalusian coast. Bad weather currently battering Morocco has not deterred migrants who have continued — and will continue — to set sail.

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