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Building Morocco’s Future with Technology and Humanity

Marrakech – The German insurance group Allianz  is encouraging young Moroccan innovators to connect with local and global partners.

Its new socio-economic program, “Global Explorer,” brings togetheryoung innovators, associative actors, and entrepreneurs operating mainly in new technologies and sustainable energies.

On January 13, Allianz presented “Global Explorer” at a conference titled  “Humanities and Technologies: Building the Future of Morocco.” The program gave young participants the opportunity to share their experiences through workshops that explore how technologies, entrepreneurship, and local initiatives can improve the lives of Moroccans and pave the way for a sustainable way of life in Morocco.

The program included a videography workshop for students from Cadi Ayyad University, during which they designed one-minute video to illustrate how technology can support local artisans and strengthen human relationships.

One of the participants,  Atmane Ahdach, used the opportunity to showcase how E-commerce can have alternative uses: “Instead of using technology just for fun, it can be used in other positive ways. For instance, in this video, the son is in conflict with his father, who owns a business. The son ought to find a solution to restore his relationship with his father and help promote his business. Thanks to using technology, the son finds the solution: using E-commerce to promote the business.”

The Allianz Global Explorer program consists of a series of local and global partnerships aimed at generating content to enable curious minds from around the world to explore, connect, and discuss how disruptive technologies can also serve humanity.

The group, which has been in Morocco for one year, wants to digitize its services in order to make the procedures easier for all customers, particularly those in Morocco.

“Allianz is committed to improving and optimizing its customer experience through a value proposition that combines traditional channels (agents and brokers), but at the same time an online offering to simplify our procedures,” explained Jan-Marc Paihol, the head of Allianz sales networks for the daily newspaper, Le Matin.

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