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What You Should Know About Morocco’s Newly Appointed Minister of Education

New Minister of Education of Face National Strike on February 14

RabatSaid Amzazi is to be Morocco’s next  Minister of Education, a position left vacant since last October when King Mohammed VI fired several government officials including the nation’s former education director, Mohamed Hassad.

A member of Morocco’s Popular Movement, the new Minister of Education, Vocational Training, and Scientific Research has devoted most of his professional life to teaching initiatives and research, and he has held a number of different positions during his career.

Since 2015, he served as Vice President of Majliss Al Umanaa of Abu Dhabi’s University of Mohammed V since 2015 and as President of Rabat’s Mohammed V University until his recent appointment as Morocco’s Minister of Education.

Amzazi was also Dean of Rabat’s Faculty of Sciences between 2011 and 2014. He also was in charge of academic and educational affairs at the same university.  

Born in 1962 in Safrou, the new minister holds a Ph.D. in biology, which he earned from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

A father of three girls, Amzazi was also a member of the High Commission for Equivalence of Foreign Diplomas of the Ministry of Higher Education between 2012 and 2014.

Since 2017, Amzazi has served as the President of the Commission for the selection of Merit Scholarship by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Social Work trainings since 2017.

The official also served as President of the Pedagogical Committee and Training of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) since 2015.

Amzazi is also a member of the national committee of accreditations and coordination of higher education (CNACES) and member of the Preparatory Committee of the National Council of Moroccan Languages and Culture (CNLCM).

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