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King Mohammed VI Proud of Morocco’s Contribution to AU

King Mohammed VI Proud of Morocco’s Contribution to AU

Rabat – King Mohammed VI sent a message on Monday to the 30th Summit of the African Union (AU) held in Addis Ababa, with the participation of Morocco. In his message, the King expressed his pride over Morocco’s contribution to the African Union.

After a 33-year absence, Morocco rejoined the union in January of 2017. Although the King was not physically present at the AU meeting, his message was read aloud by Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, who continues to represent the monarch at the ongoing summit.

After greeting AU leaders, the King reflected on the first anniversary of Morocco’s return to the African Union. “A year ago, the Kingdom of Morocco regained its natural place within its African institutional family.”

The King has also expressed his pride in Morocco’s recent contributions to the AU, stating, “my country has been pleased to contribute to the actions undertaken, the projects launched, and the meetings held under the aegis of our organization.”

King Mohammed VI also reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to the development and prosperity of Africa. “Morocco will continue to endorse the lofty causes of the continent and will work untiringly towards the promotion of peace, stability and development in the continent.”

In his message, subsequently  reprinted in its entirety by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the King also lauded the leadership shown by other African leaders, specifically noting Guinean president Alpha Conde “during his term of office at the head of our organization.”

“Thanks to his farsightedness and his firm convictions, he has managed to give good visibility to African joint action,” said the King as he was praising the Pan-African commitment shown by Conde.

The King has also expressed his support for Rwandan president Paul Kagame, the new AU President for 2018.

“There is no doubt in my mind that under the leadership of our brother, President Paul Kagame, the new AU President for 2018, the great efforts to reform our organization will be maintained, and Africa’s voice will be heard in the international arena. I wish to assure him of the Kingdom of Morocco’s full support,” read the King’s message.

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