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Bourita Reaffirms Morocco’s Commitment to Finding Lasting Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Nasser Bourita, Morocco's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Nasser Bourita, Morocco's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

RabatNasser Bourita, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, reiterated on Wednesday in Brussels, the Moroccan government’s tireless efforts to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Jerusalem conflict.

Having arrived in Brussels on January 31, Bourita took part in the Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of the Palestinian People Coordination (AD Hoc Liaison Committee). During the meeting, Bourita discussed the actions undertaken by Bail Mal Al Quds Agency, an affiliate of Al-Quds Committee chaired by King Mohammed VI.

The Moroccan official underscored the importance and relevance of the meeting, “which enables us to discuss together the current situation in the Middle East in a frank, calm and responsible atmosphere, especially given the regional and international situation.”

During the meeting, the minister also discussed the international community’s concern over American President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer the American embassy to the city, emphasizing the historical importance of the city of Al Quds.

“Hence this concern, shared of course, about the negative consequences that this decision could have on peace and stability in a region already undergoing big crisis,” Bourita added.

The diplomat added that Trump’s decision would undermine peace negotiations between parties to the conflict, noting that this unilateral action “could turn the issue into a religious conflict and prejudice international efforts aimed at creating conditions conducive to the resumption of peace talks.”

Trump’s decision was not only denounced by Morocco, but also by Arab and international leaders. Bourita said that the international community is convinced that Trump’s move will make peace talks impossible.

“It could increase tension, jeopardize the chances of peace and boost violence and extremism,” said the official. He explained that this is why the international community needs a “clear, just and comprehensive approach to remedy this critical situation.”

Bourita confirmed Morocco’s participation in the ministerial meeting on the Palestinian case to Maghreb Arab Press. Bourita said that the “Kingdom’s invitation to this meeting is an acknowledgment of the role played by King Mohammed VI as Chairman of the Al Quds Committee.”

According to Bourita, Morocco’s participation is also an acknowledgment of the country’s commitment to promote peace in the Middle East and revive the peace process in the region.

The meeting, according to the minister, is also an opportunity to discuss all the actions carried out by King Mohammed VI in response to Trump’s decision.

Trump’s recognition of the holy city as the capital of Israel has sparked a backlash across the world. Arab leaders, including Morocco’s king, strongly denounced Trump’s move and urged him to reconsider his decision.

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On the eve of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, the King sent a message to US President Donald Trump and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressing his deep concern over the US decision.

“The city of Al-Quds must remain a land of cohabitation and a symbol of coexistence and tolerance for all,” said King Mohammed VI. “The city is not only important for the parties to the conflict, but also for believers in the three Abrahamic religions,” read the King’s message to Trump.

Standing firm on his decision, Trump responded to the king on January 20,  voicing his “gratitude for the leadership of the King at the League of the Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.”

Trump has also affirmed that he  understands “the importance of the city of Jerusalem for the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.”

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