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Dounia Batma’s Recent Fashion Display Sparks Controversy

Rabat – With a fox fur draped over her shoulder, Dounia Batma posed for photos and displayed her fashion sense in a video she shared on her Instagram a few days ago.

But that wasn’t the last of it. The Moroccan singer’s posts spread like wildfire on social media websites, attracting considerable criticism.

Dounia Batma’s social media posts have always sparked controversy. This time, too, it was no different. The photos and the video received sharp criticism from her followers and others. Specifically, animal rights activists who were furious at her for posing with fox fur. Commentators expressed sorrow for the animal and called her ‘vulgar’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘enemy of nature’.

Since Batma disabled comments on her original Instagram post, Social Media users shared the posts on Facebook and YouTube where they largely shamed her and her actions.

One comment from a video made by Buzz News for its YouTube channel says, “The reasoning behind killing for pleasure or turning a living creature into an object for decoration is beyond me.”

Another comment taken from the video on Facebook criticized Batma’s criticizers, saying: “[…] I’d like to remind the ones commenting about how shocking and cruel Batma’s behavior is, that many animals are killed the same way for leather every year, and those meat eaters…are you all vegans, now?”

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