Home Interviews Moroccan Traveler Shares her Traveling Experience Through ‘Yallah M3aia’ Online Show

Moroccan Traveler Shares her Traveling Experience Through ‘Yallah M3aia’ Online Show

Najlae in the Turkish Land: Moroccan Voyager Shares her Traveling Experience Through ‘Yallah M3aia’ Web Program
Najlae Bellouri, Presenter of "Yallah M3aia" Online Travel Show

Rabat – Najlae Bellouri is a passionate 25-year old traveler and up-and-coming TV presenter from Morocco. She hosted an online travel show called “Yallah M3aia” (Come With Me) on ALTV (an online television station) which recounts her travels in Turkey.

Najlae Bellouri was born and grew up in Safi, at the well-known port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, famous for its pottery. She has a Master’s degree in Social Economy and Sustainable Development from Cadi Ayyad University in Social Economy and Sustainable Development and she currently lives in Marrakech.  

She chatted with Morocco World News on January 4 about her travel show and love for her home country.

Najlae made her debut as an amateur TV presenter with Global Girl Media; an organization dedicated to empowering high school age girls. “I reported on social and cultural topics featured on the web.”

The traveler said that the Yalah M3aia program helped her to develop her skills as a TV presenter. “It is my first experience as a presenter. It is like a dream come true. I learned a lot of new things.” Without a degree in journalism, Najlae is an inspiration for all college graduates. “ I am not yet a TV presenter yet, but I have always wanted to be, and I am always motivated to work on that.”

Yallah M3aia is a 12 part series which Najlae presents in Darija. She explained that since ALTV is an international channel based in the Middle East, herprograms broadcasted on this channel have subtitles in classical Arabic to make it more accessible and thereby increase viewership. The series has strong audiences in Turkey and Egypt, but a surprising few keep up with the show in Morocco.

Najlae explained that even though her show attracted many audiences,  gaining “more Moroccan viewers…this is our aim.”

Najlae expressed her hope for a new season in which her destination would be Morocco, her home country.

“I am a Moroccan and unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to discover some regions in Morocco.” Fascinated by the cultural and geographical diversity in Morocco, Najlae said that “in Morocco, we have everything; a lovely desert, amazing beaches, beautiful mountains, a strong tradition, a rich gastronomy, and an incredible hospitality.”  She said that the country has ”everything we need for a successful new season of Yallah M3aya.” Najlae even said that the idea has already been proposed to ALTV.

Asked about her passion for traveling in general, Najlae told MWN that she became passionate about traveling through involvement in intercultural exchange programs. “I gained many friends of different nationalities through these programs.” She added that she has always been in love with documentaries and travel programs on National Geographic. “Perhaps this where my interest comes from,” she muses.

When asked specifically about Turkey, Najlae replied that she enjoys the whole country, but the fabulous city of Antalya is the one city that takes her breath away.

Najlae met Patrix Arnoux, who would become the show’s director,  at an event in Marrakech. When Arnoux offered her the Yallah M3aia opportunity, the young traveler took it without hesitation.

Najlae Also expressed her interest in social activities, tennis, fashion and theater.

When asked about her inspiration, Najlae cited her mother: “my mother is my true inspiration […]she has always guided and supported me for all the decisions I have made in throughout my life.”

Najlae said that she is prouder of her work when she receives support and motivation from her relatives and friends. “I feel successful also when I realized that people are interested in what I do and what I want to do.” She added that the motivation both from the media and her audiences reinvigorates her pursuit of her goals.

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