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Morocco’s Weather Forecast Includes Strong Wind, Snow and Rainfall on Sunday

Weather Forecast: Clouds and Fog to Start the Week

Rabat – Get ready for a cold weekend. Snow, cold winds and rainfalls are all expected to hit the country on Sunday, February 4.

A freezing weather is expected especially on the reliefs, the southeast, the east, the North and the highlands.

Tangier’s skies are expected to be cloudy in the early morning on Sunday. Cloudy skies will be followed with rain showers and thunderstorms, which will be moderate to locally strong, on the Atlantic plains, north of Agadir, the Rif, the Saiss, the Mediterranean shore, the interior plains, the reliefs of the Atlas and the northeast of Morocco.

Rainfalls are expected in the afternoon and night time in  Tarfaya and the Souss region. Heavy snowfall is highly expected to hit the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the Rif, and the eastern part of Morocco, according to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

Strong frequent wind is expected on the northern plains, the west of the Mediterranean, the Middle Atlas and the Saiss. Minimum temperatures of  -09 to -03 °C are forecast on the highlands and the east, while temperatures of -02 to 03 °C are expected on the southeast slopes, the plateaux of phosphate, Oulmes and  Saiss.

Temperatures ranging from 02 to 08 °C are forecast on the northern and central coasts, the Souss and the north-east of the southern provinces, while temperatures between 08 and 14 °C are forecast on the central and southern coasts.

Temperatures of 0 to 5  °C are expected on the reliefs of the Atlas and the Rif, while the east, the Saiss, Gharb and Oulmes will see temperatures ranging from 05 to 10 °C.

Temperatures ranging from 09 to 14 °C expected in the Mediterranean, the northern plains and south-eastern slopes and from 14 to 21 °C over central, Souss and the southern provinces.

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