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Morocco Allocates Over MAD 70 Billion for Higher Education Improvements in 2018

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Rabat- More than MAD 70 billion is reportedly being dedicated to improve material resources and educational conditions for university students during the current academic year, said the head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani on Monday, February 5, before the House of Representatives in Rabat.  

As part of the implementation of the strategic vision of the 2015-2030 reform program, and in accordance with the 2016-2021 Government Action Program, El Othmani pointed out that a strategic plan for higher education and scientific research has been developed which covers a series of measures aimed at strengthening the university-level provision and implementing significant educational reform related to higher education.

Access to universities to increase 30% next year

Regarding university pedagogical reform, the prime minister presented several measures that have been adopted such as the upgrading of public university infrastructure, health and sports facilities within campuses, the renovation of all facilities and equipment. Importantly, there will be an increase in the number of students accepted into institutions that have historically limited access or enrollment. Access to those institutions will grow 20 percent during the current year and 30 percent for the next academic year.

700 positions in 2018 for HR management

To improve human resources management, El Othmani said that about 700 vacant positions will be filled in 2018, adding that channels of recruitment will be diversified to attract a maximum of national and international expertise. The recruitment of contractual doctoral students is also expected to continue with at least 300 recruitments per year.

 Assessment of academic and pedagogical materials 

The prime minister added that projects will be launched to evaluate and develop the pedagogical system of higher education in terms of “diversity, openness, efficiency and innovation”, as well as to better monitor the application and respect of academic materials and intellectual property. For this matter, a national reference manual for training in higher education will be prepared.

“Since the beginning of February, approximately 120 procedures are being evaluated by the National Agency for Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education and Scientific Research,” El Otmani said.

Special focus on a national strategy for scientific research

Regarding scientific research, the head of government said that Morocco is stepping up its efforts in terms of legislation, funding and structuring of scientific research to increase both the efficiency of human resources and the usability of scientific knowledge.

He also stressed that current workforce and social development challenges in the country have led to a heightened new priority for the national strategy for scientific research. These critical new objectives, in particular, are restructuring and coordinating scientific research, identifying research priorities on topics related to economic growth and increasing financial means for scientific research.

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