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Bad Weather: King Mohammed VI Orders Govt. to Rescue People in Need

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Rabat – Amid the unexpected snowfalls, rainfalls and the sharp drop in temperatures across Morocco, King Mohammed VI instructs governmental sectors to redouble their efforts to come to the rescue of people in need. 

A statement given by the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday stated that “The Moroccan Sovereign instructed the concerned sectors to remain mobilized and redouble efforts to alleviate the negative impact of heavy rains and sharp drop in temperatures in some prefectures and provinces of Morocco.”

The king also asked government sectors to take steps to open up affected areas and provide assistance and support to their populations.

“The Sovereign ordered the continuation of efforts through the full mobilization of logistical and human resources to help populations in the concerned regions face the effects of climate change and bad weather conditions,” added the statement.

Photos of white serene scenery have bombarded social media throughout the last couple of weeks as people reacted to the unforeseen snowfalls especially in southern regions of Morocco where it snowed for the first time in fifty years.

Behind the white landscape hides a somber image of the people that have been severely harmed by the recent weather conditions.

As a matter of fact, the snowstorms, which thickened reached 200 centimeters in the high and medium Atlas, have blocked 38 roads, and caused temporary suspension of about 900 schools in rural areas according to the Ministry of Education.

514,000 people in 1,205 villages, according to the Ministry of Interior, have benefited from government aid as emergency food and blankets were distributed, as well as medical aid that benefited 207,000 people and 373 women in the delivery phase.

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