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Morocco and Belgium to Collaborate on Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy: Morocco Seeks International Markets, Offers its Expertise

Rabat – Head of Moroccan Agency Board of Sustainable Energy (MASEN) Mustapha Bakkoury and Belgium’s Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Marie Christine Marghem ran a meeting in Brussels on Thursday, February 8, to discuss south-south cooperation and exchange expertise within a framework of renewable energy and sustainable development.

During the diplomatic meeting, Bakkoury discussed Morocco’s interest in solidifying its relationship with European Union and shared Morocco’s plan of installing a south-south strategy to become a catalyst for African continent’s Energy force, as King Mohammed VI formerly vowed.

“I had the opportunity to observe with admiration Morocco’s deployed efforts in the domain of Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development during the COP22 in Marrakech,” Marghem professed.

As a matter of fact, Morocco plays a key role in Belgium’s 2016-2020 Bilateral Co-operation Programme, according to Kingdom Of Belgium Foreign Affairs, and Development Cooperation.

Morocco’s principal renewable energies are solar energy and wind energy;King Mohammed VI recently set future goals for Morocco’s renewable energy production in January 2018, aiming to achieve 42 percent of renewable energy capacity by 2020 and 52 percent by 2030.

The wind is now under Morocco’s wings, as its dynamic plans make it a strong candidate for Wallonia-Brussels’ Cooperation agency APEFE ( Association for the Promotion of Overseas Education and Training) and the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency’s future investments in 2018, as highlighted by the Wallonia website.

Belgium will launch several projects in the kingdom this year, including business, economic and cultural-exchange programs for the year 2018.

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