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Icy Cold Weather Persists in Morocco

Icy Cold Weather Persists in Morocco

RabatCold weather will persist across the country on Saturday, the National Weather Service said. A freezing weather is expected to hit the reliefs, highlands and Morocco’s east and southeast.

Cloudy weather with occasional wind is expected on the Atlantic plains, north of Safi, Saiss, the Rif and the northern plains. Rainfalls are expected on the East, the East of the Mediterranean, the Middle Atlas and the north of the High Atlas.

Snowflakes are expected to fall on the Middle Atlas and the Eastern Highlands. Low to moderate winds are forecast in the North and southern provinces and the South East.

Temperatures ranging from  -04 ° C to 01 ° C on the reliefs, while temperatures between 00 ° C to 05 ° C are expected to hit the east, the south-east slopes and the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes.

Temperatures of 04 ° C at 08 ° C are expected on the northern and central interior plains, Saiss, Souss and northeastern provinces of the south.

Temperatures of  02 ° C to 07 ° C are forecast on the reliefs and the Eastern Highlands, while temperatures of 07 ° C to 12 ° C are expected in the Saiss, the Rif, the plateaux of Phosphates and Oulmes and the North. Temperatures ranging from 11 ° C to 16 ° C are expected to hit the North and Central Atlantic plains, the Mediterranean coast and south-eastern slopes on Souss and the southern provinces.

Morocco has faced recently moderate rains and snowstorms across the country. The freezing snowstorms have closed several roads, making travel impossible in several mountainous areas.

Recently,  King Mohammed VI has instructed the government to launch an exceptional mobilization to respond to the effects of the severe cold wave.

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