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Ministry of Education Launches Tadkik, A New Online Service for Baccalaureate Students

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Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, and Scientific Research has announced the launch of “Tadkik” (audit), an online service devoted to students who will sit for baccalaureate exams in the 2017-2018 school year. 

The service, which will officially launch on Monday, aims to provide baccalaureate students with a reliable and up-to-date student profile database, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

The ministry statement said that the goal of the service is to avoid any profile errors which could potentially alter candidates personal data and scores.

The ministry recommends that all applicants verify their data before collecting invitations to take baccalaureate exams.

More information is made available at the moudamadris.com website, a platform dedicated to Moroccan students.

The process of verifying a student’s data is done through the examination of applicants’ electronic applications, which contain personal data that has been entered into a school management system and approved electronically.

If there is a data error in terms of a student’s data, the candidate must correct the error and submit the application again for correction, signed by the candidates and their guardians within established deadlines.

Morocco’s national 2018 baccalaureate examination period will take place June 5-8, according to the ministry.

325,191 Moroccan students took baccalaureate exams during the 2016-2017 academic year, according to a statement released by the ministry in June 2017.

The graduation rate for the 2017 academic year reached 62.5 percent, compared to 61.72 percent in 2016, said the ministry. Some 49,490 students graduated during the retakes, which were held July 11-13.

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