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French President Seeks to Lay Foundations of Islam in France During First Half of 2018

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Rabat – In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), President Emmanuel Macron said that he will lay the foundations for the organization of Islam in France in the first half of this year. 

“We are working on structuring Islam in France and also on how to explain it,” said Macron. He added that his objective is to “find what is the heart of secularism, the possibility of being able to believe as not to believe in order to preserve national cohesion and the possibility of having free consciences.”

He did not disclose policy details or measures his government will take. “I will not reveal a proposition until the work is done, adding that, “It is during the first half of 2018 that I wish to lay the foundations for the entire organization of Islam in France.”

“My method of moving forward on this subject is to move one step at a time,” he said, indicating that he will continue to consult specialists over the matter. “I see intellectuals and academics, representatives of all religions,” he said.

Another French paper, Le Figaro, offered commentary today on Macron’s interview and on some of the possible priorities of any new guidelines or state-mandated regulations.

A just-released opinion survey by Institut Français d’Opinion Publique (IFOP) revealed that fifty-six percent of French people believe that Islam is compatible with the values of their country.

The survey results, which were published today by the French weekly newspaper, Le Journal Du Dimanche, show that the majority of French people think that Islam is compatible with their society, while 43 percent believe the opposite.

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