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Egyptian Singer Apologizes for Inappropriately Addressing King Mohammed VI

Rabat – Egyptian Pop singer Essam Karika recently posted a video on his Instagram account in which he praised King Mohammed. His Moroccan followers deemed the song “insulting” to the king due to Karika’s particular choice of words.

Essam Karika’s musical dedication to King Mohammed VI did not go as smoothly as he might have expected, as it received bitter criticism from Moroccans on social media over his use of the expression “Ragel daah” as he chanted “we all love this man.”

Moroccan social media users considered the expression meaning “this man” to be disrespectful and “insulting” to the King’s status.The Egyptian singer later removed the video from his Instagram account and apologized to the Moroccan nation for the song, adding that his intention was purely to express his genuine love and respect for King Mohammed VI.

“No one asked me to take down the video song…my immense love for Moroccan people has prompted me to apologize,” he told Dream, an Egyptian television channel during an interview.

Karika uploaded a video to apologize for the controversial song, saying that his world darkened when he realized he offended Moroccan people.

“I foremost apologize to King Mohammed VI and to the whole Moroccan nation,” he said in the video uploaded by Akhbar Maghribia YouTube channel.

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