Home Economy Moroccans in Italy First in Creating Private Companies

Moroccans in Italy First in Creating Private Companies

Moroccans in Italy First in Creating Private Companies
Rome, Capital of Italy

Rabat – The Moroccan community in Italy is leading the Italian business market. A report by Federation of Chambers of Commerce says that the Moroccans residing in Italy are the community of immigrants outside the EU that creates the most private investment companies in the  European country.

The report notes that Moroccans created 68,259 enterprises throughout  2017. This number represents a clear increase in the Moroccan companies in Italy.

Printed by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), the report added that 6.8 percent of Moroccan-owned companies are located in Turin, the capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy. These companies are mainly operating in the construction and trade activities.

Chinese investors residing in Italy trail the Moroccan community with 52,000 new firms. Romanians are third with 49,317 new businesses, while Albanians are positioned fourth with 31,773 new enterprises.

The number of companies launched by foreign residents in Italy increased by 3.4 percent in 2017. In total, 590,000 enterprises are operating in major Italian cities:114,000 in Lombardy 114,000, 77,000 in Lazio, and 55,000 in Tuscany..

According to a survey by the Italian research and study center IDOS, Moroccans were ranked first among foreign entrepreneurs of private companies in 2015. In 2015, the Moroccan community launched 65,000 companies in the European country, representing 15.2 percent of the businesses created by foreign investors.

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