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‘Social Disparities Issues Should Be Addressed Seriously’: King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI Addresses 31st AU Heads of Government Summit

Rabat – In a message addressed to the 3rd parliamentary forum on social justice, King Mohammed VI urged participants to take concrete actions to address social disparity and the challenges that have been hindering the progress of Morocco’s development model.

The two-day symposium opened on Monday in Rabat, convening stakeholders and parliamentarians to address recommendations on the new development model related to social and spatial  justice.

In his message, King Mohammed VI  recalled a speech that he delivered in October 2017 during the opening of fall legislative term.  In that speech, the King told  that Morocco’s development model was no longer responding to the demands of citizens.

In his Monday message to the participants of the parliamentary forum, the King repeated the sentiment,  saying, “It has become clear that our model, which contributed to countless tangible economic and social achievements, is no longer able to respond to citizens’ growing demands and needs.”

The monarch added that the development model currently in force cannot “reduce social and inter-regional disparities.” Therefore, the current development model could not help Morocco to curb social disparities and ensure social justice.

Subsequently, King Mohammed VI called on the participants to make more efforts to face the challenges that hinder the progress of the country’s development.

According to the King, social justice can be achieved only through the application of several key factors.

Calling on the participants for a review of the model, the King specified that this review would be aimed at more “than just isolated sectoral reforms, or a reshuffle of certain economic projects and social programs.”

According to the King, the country needs an “integrated vision to shape the legal system underpinning it.”

This strategy, according to the monarch, “needs to carry a strong impetus for the new model in order to help address the challenges that harden development progress” and “address weaknesses and gaps revealed by past experience.”

Therefore, the sovereign advised stakeholders to take into consideration the societal changes in Morocco.

Young People are Morocco’s Everlasting Wealth

 King Mohammed VI has also addressed the issues facing Moroccan youth. According to the King, stakeholders need to put the youth issue “at the heart of the desired development model.”

In his message, the King urged the parliamentarians to come up with measures intended to “improve the situation of our young people, who are our real asset and the country’s  everlasting wealth.”

The King also called on the participants to consider shifts in mentality and how this strategy can help to achieve development. “I firmly believe that the success of any vision hinges upon a change in mentalities,” said the King, adding that  “this is the only way to continue promoting the development the country is witnessing in various sectors and at the same time to set the stage for a new culture based on entrepreneurship, self-reliance and accountability.”

King Mohammed VI approved of the theme of the  edition of the forum:”The challenges of social and spatial justice and the components of the new development model.”

“Your choice reflects a keen awareness of this topical subject which involves many interrelated issues that call for an innovative, holistic approach. The aim, ultimately, is to find practical, applicable solutions to citizens’ real and pressing problems and to achieve balanced, equitable development for all, in a serene, stable environment.”

Importance of  Public Administration Reform

“No meaningful economic and social development is possible if public service institutions do not discharge their mission properly,” said the King, urging the participants to strive harder to engage public and private sectors in innovative, effective partnerships in order to boost “comprehensive development” that would serve the interests of cities and promote investment.

“I must insist, once again, that revisiting the Moroccan development model is an issue which concerns all Moroccans and all of the nation’s forces – individuals, institutions, political parties, trade unions, civil society and professional institutions,” he stated.

King Mohammed VI told the participants that the country has all the assets that would help it to achieve more progress, including human resources “as well as  well-established institutions. This means we can embark, in a bold, responsible manner, on a constructive dialogue regarding a development model that satisfies all Moroccans.

The King has also called on stakeholders to voice any proposal that would benefit the country’s development.”

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