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Morocco Arrests Two Spanish Drug Dealers in Tangiers

100 Kg of Cannabis Resin Seized at Tangier-Med Port

Rabat – A unit of the Marine in the high seas of Tangiers arrested two Spanish drug smugglers, aged 59 and 32, together with their Moroccan accomplice.

The Royal Marine unit, which had discovered considerable quantities of hashish in the vicinity of the incident site, allegedly intercepted the three men late on Sunday night as they navigated in a forbidden zone.

An investigation is being conducted to determine the three men’s association with the discovered quantities of hashish as well as their presence at night in a forbidden area, says Efe, a Spanish outlet.

Meanwhile, the three accused are held in custody for “illegal navigation.”

“It is forbidden to navigate in this zone,” the police told the press, while specifying that the site is notorious for being an exit point for drug traffickers, as well as migrants’ boats.

Sunday’s arrest comes as Spain’s war on illegal drugs reaches its peak, especially in the Cadix province, a place known for being a safe haven for drug dealing and similar illegal activities, reports says AFP.

According to the Spanish ministry of interior, 40% of drug smuggling that make it to Spain arrive through the Cadix province.

Recently speaking to the press, Juan Ignacio Zoido, who is Spain’s interior minister, vowed to eradicate drug smugglings and other criminal activities that have taken Cadix hostage in recent years.

“This zone will no longer be under the sway of criminal activities,” the minister said, stressing that the government will ensure the restoration of order and rule of law, and that “every criminal act will be duly punished.”

Earlier this month, a group of about 20 people is said to have broken into the local police, overpowering two guards and “freeing” an alleged ringleader of a criminal group.

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