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France Shows Support for Morocco’s Ambition to Bridge Europe and Africa

France Shows Support for Morocco’s Ambition to Bridge Europe and Africa

By Ahlam Ben Saga

Rabat – During “France-Maroc Saison Culturelle 2018”, organized in Rabat’s French embassy residence on February 16, France’s ambassador pledged to support Morocco’s desire to become a linking thread between Africa and Europe.

On Friday, February 16, a host of prominent French and Moroccan artists, writers, diplomatic and media personalities represented their countries during the cultural programme, “Saison Culturelle 2018,” in Rabat’s French residence.

Throughout the program, France’s Ambassador Jean François Girault hailed the Moroccan-French cultural partnership, stating that the year 2018 will witness a burgeoning dialogue between the two countries as they have more to offer and learn from the other’s artists and intellectuals.

“A link of extraordinary intimacy unifies our artistic and intellectual scenes,” said Girault.

The French ambassador adds that cultural exchange between Morocco and France’s artists and intellectuals is a key component of both French and Moroccan prosperity, reported French newspaper La 1tribune.

Afterwards, Girault articulated France’s willingness to back Morocco’s ambition to represent Africa and become the bridge that connects the African and European cultures.

During the event’s opening ceremony, Girault proclaimed that Morocco and France have chosen openness not only to Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa but also to the world, regardless of the bleak ordeals that mark the global environment. “France-Maroc Saison Culturelle” is an annual cultural program in Morocco to renew the cultural bond between France and Morocco.

The program welcomes  400,000 visitors each year and showcases a number of activities such as intellectual discussions and debates, conferences, artistic performances, visual arts, music, and film festivals.

In its 2018 edition, the program’s theme is titled “An Open World” and will hold 800 events for 300 days in twelve Moroccan cities, stated Le Matin news website.

The current cultural season, will feature a French comedy festival and book fairs in Casablanca and Tangier, in addition to a film festival of French animations in Meknes.

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