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UN World Pact On International Migrations To Be Signed In Morocco

non-binding UN World Pact on Migrations.

Rabat – In their determination to face migratory challenges, which they believe constitute a major global concern, UN member states, excluding the US, have expressed their commitment to signing a non-binding UN World Pact on Migrations.

The agreement, still to undergo six rounds of negotiations that will last until July, is expected to be finalized during a summit in Morocco between December 10-11, reports Medias24.

The project, according to first draft, calls for “a global agreement on safe, ordered, and legitimate migrations”, with a particular stress on “strengthening cooperation on all dimensions of international migrations.”

Like the Paris climate change agreement, the international migrations pact is said to be a reminder to all UN member states that “no country can face global challenges on its own.” “Migration crisis should unite us,” the text says.

The US has however declined to take part in the elaboration and finalization of the Project, with many observers associating America’s move to the Trump Administration’s tough and hostile stance on international migrations.

Diplomats charged with bringing the plan to fruition have said that the whole idea is to underline “shared responsibilities” when it comes to facing the migratory challenges.

Among the 22 proposals to be discussed during the six-round negotiations, special importance is believed to have been given to issues such as protecting women and children migrants, adopting policies that facilitate migrants’ integration in host societies, ensuring access to social services for immigrants, eradicating discrimination in all its forms, etc.

With predictions that climate change will bring about new forms of migrations, states supporting the project, while recognizing that negotiations will be “tough” because “immigration is a very sensitive topic for a number of countries”, have saluted the project and called it a long overdue step towards more integration and cooperation in facing serious global challenges.

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