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Islamic Studies Will Not Replace Philosophy: Ministry of Education

Morocco’s Baccalaureate Exams Leaked on Social Media

Rabat – After rumors that Islamic studies will replace philosophy in the baccalaureate examinations surfaced on local media, the Ministry of Education has refuted the false claims in an official statement.

Last week, several media outlets announced the aforementioned changes to the professional baccalaureate.

Mohamed Hassad, Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laârej signed a ministerial decree suspending the examinations of philosophy in the professional baccalaureate and replacing this subject by Islamic Studies, leading to rumors among the educational sphere.

Teachers of philosophy considered this decision to be ideologically charged.

In a statement to daily Assabah, the president of the Association of Teachers of Philosophy, Abdelkarim Safir, said that if this decision is put into force, it would go against the national unanimity of the current Charter of Education and Training, as well as the 2015-2030 educational strategy.

However, in a statement released on Friday, the ministry made clarifications regarding the allegations.”We have neither removed nor replaced one subject by another with respect to the subjects of the examinations regional and national baccalaureate courses for all cycles and branches,” said the Ministry.

For the vocational baccalaureate, the same source states that on the basis of the pedagogical program adopted, the subject of philosophy is taught in common core since the launch of this cycle in 2014.

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