Home Culture Moroccan Souks Made into Fashion Collection in Paris Fashion Week

Moroccan Souks Made into Fashion Collection in Paris Fashion Week

Moroccan Souks Made into Fashion Collection in Paris Fashion Week

Rabat – One French fashion designer has turned to Moroccan souks for inspiration during Paris Fashion week, which opened Monday February 26.

Vogue fashion magazine defines the fashion designer as  “a Paris darling, paid attention to by everyone who matters, thanks to an ineffable mix of confidence, charm, and risk-taking.”

His models wore a palette of earth colors, varying from long trousers, tunics, and knitted dresses, to Harem-styled skirts and pants. They are also wore oversized hoodies, tights, and shoes with heels made of wooden balls.

During his visit to Morocco, Jacquemus said he visited the recently opened YSL museum in Marrakech, according to the same source.

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“But I’m not working for a museum,” he said. “I have no interest to look at the [Saint Laurent] book, it was just a feeling.

He then “got lost in the souks with just one thing on my mind: I want to make it my next summer collection,” he told Vogue.

He came back to Paris during the winter and worked on his women’s ready-to-wear creations for the fall-winter of 2018-2019.

“I came back to Paris and made my winter of it; my winter collection. Not wasting any more time, my warm winter .”

While “destination collections are often prosaic,” Morocco stands out as inspiration for a clothing line, writes Vogue, as the country “that will forever be linked in the fashion imagination to the late, legendary Yves Saint Laurent, who made his home there.”

The 28-year-old French designer also announced that he was launching a men’s line for Fashion Week next June.

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