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“She Writes Her Future” in Morocco

Rabat – Lancôme, the French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house, recently launched the “Write Her Future” project as a global commitment to fight illiteracy among women.

76 million young women around the world are illiterate—a staggering number that has not changed over the last two decades. This what has inspired Lancôme to light a candle in illiteracy’s darkness, with a pledge to invest a sum of two million euros to fund international literacy programs and to develop local support communities.

Lancôme’s International President, Françoise Lehmann, remarked that, “Today, 76 million young women lack basic reading and writing skills. Often hidden, this handicap causes young women to face exclusion and becoming dependents, creating  serious consequences for themselves, their families, and their loved  ones. This is why Lancôme is  committed to ?ght against young women’s illiteracy and to lend a voice to this invisible reality. There is a natural draw  for Lancôme to help with this cause, because  since the very beginning, our goal has always been to help women in their quest for self-ful?llment and expression of what makes them unique. “Write Her Future,” Lancôme’s very ?rst global philanthropic program, is a civic and long-term commitment that  aims to  raise awareness, implement concrete actions in the ?eld, and to initiate a movement in favor of women.”

In addition to increasing self-confidence and opening up career prospects, the brand believes that literacy also allows people to lead longer and healthier lives. “Knowing how to read and write means having the freedom to express yourself fully and build your own future freely,” affirms Lancôme.

To fulfill its mission, Lancôme has also joined hands with Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE), a humanitarian agency that delivers emergency relief and long-term international projects.

Morocco will witness this project’s first steps as a pilot literacy program. Two other programs in Guatemala and Thailand will follow in suit . Together, these three programs aim to help around 8,000 women, who will directly benefit from educational resources, while more than 40,000 people are expected to benefit from educational training.

To help further this ambitious campaign, Lancôme evoked its Ambassadors, which include A-list Hollywood stars such as Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Winslet, and Penélope Cruz, who will work alongside the brand’s employees and CARE workers to develop social networks and help build the vision of global literacy.

“Literacy is one of the most defining human skills. We need to be able read and write—that’s how we communicate, share, express our feelings and opinions, and how we learn to understand the world. To not have that accessible to everyone is a crime. It’s so great that  Lancôme is getting seriously involved and supporting young girls in the world through the work of ‘Write Her Future,’”  remarked  Julia Roberts.


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