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Authorities Punish Royal Gendarmerie Officers for “Profession Mistakes”

Royal Gendarmerie Officers Jailed for Corruption and Financial Diversions.

Rabat- The Royal Gendarmerie in Rabat has imposed disciplinary sanctions on several senior officials in Mohamed Haramou’s department.

Along with several colonels, the senior officials were sanctioned for committing “profession mistakes,” stated the daily Almassae in its March 6th edition. The news source did not specify what the mistakes were.

The sanctions also affected intelligence chiefs, who were suspended from their duties pending a final decision, according to Almassae.

General Haramou, head of the Royal Gendarmerie, has also made several changes in the ranks of his department.Haramou was appointed by King Mohammed VI in early December 2017, replacing Lieutenant General Hosni Benslimane.


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