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Royal Air Maroc Purser Sends Moving Message to Women: Video

By Hajare El Khaldi

Rabat – The purser told girls to ‘live their passions without limits’ passengers onboard a Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flight on March 8.

The chief flight attendant of a Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flight sent a heartfelt message to her passengers on the occasion of International Women’s Day, captured in a video shared widely on social media.

In her speech, she gave the passengers a glimpse into the struggles that women endure: “Us, women, we seldom speak up. We fight sometimes, to study, to work, and to become independent.” She added, “We never say that things aren’t going well, and we never say that we’re afraid of never reaching our objectives.”

For International Women’s Day, the flight attendant declared that what women really need aren’t material gifts, but in fact need a chance to speak up and be heard. “We only want to talk, raise our voices, and recognize the obstacles that make us believe we will never reach our dreams.”

At the end, she addressed little girls onboard, asking them to hold on to their dreams and ambitions, while highlighting her struggle in a society that frowns upon her job. “I was always to ‘No’: ‘no you can’t pursue this career,’ ‘a woman can’t travel all the time for a living,’ ‘a woman’s place is her house not an airplane,’

“But I have ignored these voices, and I followed my passion because I wanted to live my own dream.”

“I want all the little girls to dream of studying and working, and living their passions without limits. Don’t doubt your capacities: you’re strong, and you deserve a chance, don’t let it ever pass you by,” she concluded.

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