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Morocco Seeks Conservation of Archaeological Sites

Morocco Seeks Conservation of Archaeological Sites

Rabat – Morocco’s National Rock Heritage Park has successfully identified more than 400 new archaeological heritage sites across the country.

Aiming to study, document, and protect the deep-rooted heritage of Morocco, the park is planning more scientific and archaeological research programs, according to a statement made by the Ministry of Culture.

The park has also contributed to the establishment of excavation programs in the areas of Tata, Tan Tan, Al-Haouz, Aousserd, and other Moroccan regions.Furthermore, it is working to protect rock engravings from plunder and destruction in southern regions, according to the statement.

The Ministry also chaired a series of scientific and communication meetings which aimed to protect rock art sites. These meetings, according to the Ministry, help promote cultural heritage and encourage local and regional authorities to adhere to the program regulations to preserve the sites.

The Ministry also organizes training sessions for local actors that teach preservation of rock heritage, and offer tools and various means to raise awareness for the need to protect the national archeological sites.

The statement added that the ministry has set up a Provincial Center for the Preservation and Interpretation of Rock Carvings in Tataa province located in southwestern Morocco.

Recently, the Ministry promoted a draft law which would significantly bolster the protection and preservation of Morocco’s vast cultural heritage.

The Ministry is promising a higher level of consistency in its role of overseeing preservation. Additionally, the strategy integrates newly recognized international concepts of cultural heritage, said the ministry in a statement released by Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

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