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Barid-Bank: A Mistake Has Made Millionaires Of Many Customers

Millionaires Of Many Customers

Rabat- Last weekend, an unlikely and unprecedented technical mistake in Barid-Bank’s operating system caused scores of the bank’s customers to be millionaires, with some of the “lucky” customers then taking steps to go to ATMs to immediately siphon received sums, in a move to definitely make the money theirs.

This is the first instance that a Moroccan bank mistakenly transfers 300 million MAD to its customers’ accounts, Assabah and Al Massae reported in their Monday editions, adding that Barid-bank’s authorities have sent a steady series of text messages to many of its customers, pleading with them to cooperate with the bank in solving this big problem by willingly returning the “undue surpluses” on their accounts.

Seizing the moment to try and make sense of the unfolding drama of this spectacular banking mistake, Al Massae reports that pictures leaked on Facebook have showed some current accounts jumping from some few thousands MAD to 400,000 or 50 million MAD, in the space of a mistaken click.

While 30 million of the concerned amount are said to have already been siphoned via ATMs, Barid-Bank is said to have successfully annulled many ATM cards, thus making it impossible to withdraw money via that channel until the bank settles the problem.

Barid-Bank, which has so far issued no press release concerning the situation or the extent of the financial loss thereof, is still said to be relying on the private text messages it sent its customers, telling them to restitute the entirety of “undue sums” they may have already withdrawn. And with some clients not being responsive or receptive to the bank’s numerous entireties, Barid-Bank is threatening to take appropriate legal action.


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