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Water Plan, Employment, Qatar: El Othmani Announces New Gov’t Plans

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By Hajare El Khaldi

Rabat- Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani revealed several key government decisions at the weekly meeting of the Governmental Council on Thursday, including plans to increase employment for people with special needs and plans for a national water plan.

Under the framework of the Act for Unified Competition for Employment, El Othmani announced interdepartmental employment contests for people with special needs in order to boost their representation in the workplace

The head of government deemed interdepartmental contests one of the most efficient ways increase public employment for the people with physical disabilities, whose employment currently fails to meet the legal requirement of 7 percent of total recruitment:

“While it would be difficult to organize competitions for each sector, organizing a central one is doable for the departments and ministries that wish to integrate in these unified contests,” he explained.

El Othmani stressed out the need to ease the entry of people with special needs into public office, and assured that at least one competition will be held each year.

El Othmani also declared that the government is currently developing the National Water Plan, which will extend until 2050 and aims to shield the country from problems of scarcity of both potable and irrigation water.

“As part of the historic responsibility, the government is in the process of developing the National Water Plan that will extend for 30 years, in line with the water law.”

The prime minister announced the Ministerial Committee has identified the areas that suffer from drinking water problems, and developed appropriate solutions, which will be soon presented to King Mohammed VI as part of an emergency plan.

In this context, El Othmani lauded Mohammed VI’s representation at the 8th edition of the World Water Forum, which will take place in Brazil on March 19 under the slogan “Water Sharing.”

The forum will present the Hassan II Prize for Water as a global award for the best water management and maintenance projects around the globe.

On a different note, El Othmani applauded the Moroccan-Qatari Higher Committee for its notable bilateral collaboration, signing eleven agreements across different fields over the course of Qatar’s latest working visit in the kingdom.

These agreements “facilitate a greater dynamism for investment and relations between Moroccan and Qatari businessmen, and dynamic trade exchanges between the two countries, ” said the head of government.

Accordingly, El Othmani announced that the two states agreed to open a maritime line to facilitate trade between Qatar and other countries in the region.

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