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Moroccan Baby Hospitalized After Swallowing Hashish in Italy

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Rabat – An Italian baby girl of Moroccan origin was hospitalized after she unwittingly swallowed a piece of hashish, local press reported.

The toddler’s father said the baby, who is under 2 years old, was rushed to the service of infants at Cesare Arrigo Hospital in Alexandria, Italy, after accidentally ingesting a portion of hashish.

Medical reports confirmed that the child is not in danger, but the Italian police is now investigating neglect and child abuse charges for the toddler’s parents.

In addition to judicial authorities, the case has also been communicated to city social services.

Italy has seen a rise in incidents of children ingesting hashish, as many similar cases were reported in recent years.

Last January, an eleven-month-old child from Salerno, was taken to hospital after he swallowed hashish left unattended by his father, thinking it was chocolate.

Experts say that children who accidentally ingest the drug are at risk of acute intoxication due to their ongoing mental and physical development.

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