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‘I am delighted to Visit the Moroccan Sahara’: French Politician

rench politician and National Assembly member Elisabeth Guigou

Rabat – In a statement made to the press on the sidelines of the ongoing Crans Montana Forum, French politician and National Assembly member Elisabeth Guigou has expressed her full support to Morocco’s territorial integrity.

After expressing her gratitude for being invited to take part in the fourth edition of the international forum in Dakhla, the President of the Anna Lindh Foundation lauded Morocco’s comprehensive development program established to preserve and strenghten its territorial integrity.

“It is the first time for me in the Moroccan Sahara and I am very delighted,” said Guigou.

The French official also lauded the long history of bilateral relations linking France and Morocco, describing it as an “exceptional relation.”

“There are historic connections, cultural values and a geographical proximity” between the two countries, she added.

Speaking about Morocco’s stance on the Western Sahara conflict, Guigou said that the autonomy initiative submitted by Morocco to the United Nations is an effective plan to end the four-decade-long conflict.

“The plan proposed by Morocco at the United Nations must really be the basis of a peaceful settlement of this conflict, which, unfortunately, has lasted for too long,” she added. According to the French official, the conflict is “weighing on the economic development of the region.”

Saluting Morocco’s return to the African Union, Guigou also said on Friday that the return is the result of the “decisive” personal involvement of King Mohammed VI and a “notable success” for the kingdom.

She also expressed her wish to see “this return contribute to the resolution of several problems of the continent.”

Commenting on Morocco’s development strategy, Guinou added that the provinces of southern Morocco saw significant economic development in recent years, owing to Morocco’s economic and human development strategy.

The Crans Montana Forum is being marked by the participation of several French officials, including Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy, who is a special guest for this year’s edition, lauded Morocco’s recent efforts to revitalize its domestic politics, as well as its leadership position in Africa. Sarkozy described the north African country as “an African power.”

Sarkozy also saluted the seriousness and political feasibility of Morocco’s autonomy plan, emphasizing that “Morocco’s autonomy plan is credible.”
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