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‘I am still not French’: French Rapper Maître Gims

‘I am still not French’: French Rapper Maître Gims

Rabat-  The famous Francophone singer and rapper of Congolese origins who currently lives in France, Maître Gims expresses frustration after France refuses him citizenship.

Maître Gims shared disappointment  in response to France’s rejection of his request for French citizenship, in an interview on the French television program, “En balade avec” on Sunday.

“I made my first request [for French nationality] which was quickly rejected and I don’t understand why,” he said, “It’s important, I sing in French, I express myself in French, I am an ambassador of the French language in the world.”

Gims, who has lived in France since he was two, was pained because his request was denied despite his completion of all the required legal procedures, including passing a language test for the mastery of French language.

Gims said that he still does not know the reasons behind the refusal of his request, and referred to a previous comment he made on air in 2016: “I thought I would get my papers without any problems.”

“What should I do? […] when I travel to other countries, they ask me ‘where are you from.’ I say I’m French,” he told Aliagas-–added Le Point.

According to French citizenship law, a person who’s aged 18 and above may receive French citizenship by “naturalization” after residing in France for five years and receiving income from France.

Born in 1986 in Congo, Gandhi Djuna, otherwise known as Maître Gims, grew up in France since he was two years old and began his career there as a singer and rapper in 2002 with the French hip-hop group, “Sexion d’Assaut,” until he began his solo career in 2013.

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