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King Mohammed VI Congratulates Youssoufi on his Memoir

King Mohammed VI and Abderrahmane Yousssoufi

Rabat- King Mohammed VI offered his congratulations  to former Prime Minister Abderrahmane El Youssoufi, following the publication of his memoirs.

Youssoufi’s three-volume memoir looks back at his political experience, including the period of occupation resistance and the country’s post-independence era, from different perspectives, and at both the opposition and the government level.

These memories will “undoubtedly enrich the national library of the Kingdom as a reference for researchers and those who study this important period in the history of contemporary Morocco,” the king wrote in a statement.

“We thank you for this commendable initiative, we appreciate this documentary work,” the letter adds.

This book, which features El Youssoufi’s speeches and interviews, traces his long political career, his years of struggle in the national movements – the National Union of Popular Forces (UNFP), and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP)- in addition to  his alternating participation and withdrawal from politics.

His biographical work was published on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the former First Secretary of the USFP.

Following the coronation of King Mohammed VI on July 30, 1999, Youssoufi, who was first appointed Prime Minister by King Hassan II in February 1998, remained in his post until late 2002.

Youssoufi, former leader of the party of (USFP), and one of the icon of Morocco’s resistance to French colonialism, is regarded as one of the most respected political leaders in the country’s history, held in high esteem by King Mohammed VI.

On the 17th anniversary of Throne Day, July 30, 2016, the Moroccan monarch inaugurated an avenue in Youssoufi’s honor.

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