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Will Gun Safety Influence the 2026 World Cup Bid?

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Morocco's 2026 World Cup Bid Committee

Rabat – Morocco’s World Cup bid book, which FIFA made available on Monday, promoted the nation’s stability and security, noting the limited gun circulation in the country.

The world football governing body, FIFA, published the bid books of the 2026 World Cup bidders with their respective executive summaries.

“Exceptionally low murder rates (3/100,000), benefitting from very low gun circulation, are reflected in a United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime study, ranking Morocco among the best-performing nations in the world – at the same level as both Denmark and Japan,” reads the 20th section of Morocco’s bid summary.

Morocco’s argument on gun safety comes amid the growing number of high-profile mass public shootings in the US.

Since the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, massive rallies have brought protesters to the streets and government offices in US states to condemn the the high death toll due to gun violence and protest against the availability of military-grade weapons and bump stocks, in addition to the absence of a universal background check requirement in the majority of states.

The low gun circulation in Morocco might help the country to convince FIFA and voters across the world to back the Moroccan bid to host the massive tournament, as the North African country emphasized that Morocco is the safest place to host the competition.

Morocco’s executive summary also underlines the importance of football in country, describing Morocco  as a land, where the game’s passion “runs through every vein.”

Introducing Morocco to the world, the summary describes Morocco as a “land of peace and stability.” The file also underscored the nation’s “extraordinary diversity and tolerance, open to the world and ready to welcome the world in all its colours.”

The bid showcases Morocco’s key assets, including its ideal proximity to Europe and Africa.

Morocco officially submitted its bid book to FIFA on March 15. The application has received the support of many countries from different corners of the world, including Russia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Botswana, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, and France.

The country is hoping for more support, and hopes to collect more votes and promises of support in the coming weeks to win the bid to host the world’s premier football competition.

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