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7 Months After Casablanca Incident, Another Sexual Assault Stirs Public Uproar in Morocco

10-Year Prison Sentence for Attempted Rapist of Teenage Girl Near Marrakech

Rabat – A spine-chilling video of two Moroccan men sexually assaulting a young girl in the street circulated on Facebook on Tuesday, March 27.

One of the aggressors recorded the video, while the other tried to remove the young girl’s clothes and inappropriately touched her, as she kicked at him from the ground.

Throughout the video, the girl is heard begging them to stop: “Do not you have a sister!” she screams.

Viewers hear only the perpetrators’ laughter in response.

This video comes just seven months after the release of a similar filmed sexual assault, in which a group of boys publicly violated a mentally-ill girl on a public bus in Casablanca.

Public protests erupted in major cities throughout the country in the weeks that followed the August incident, demanding an end to rape culture and the protection of women’s rights to public space and safety.

The incident also comes just one month after Morocco’s new law against harassment and gender-based violence became law on February 14.

As protests for women’s equal rights in inheritance law echo across the country, this latest incident demonstrates that paper decisions for gender equality remain worthless without the backing of real infrastructural change.

However, this comprehensive implementation will only come with a deeper cultural shift to prioritize the fundamental respect of humanity–for women and for all people.

Morocco World News chose to not share the video due to its graphic content.

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