Home Culture Traditional Moroccan Dance Troupe Wows Audiences in France and Holland

Traditional Moroccan Dance Troupe Wows Audiences in France and Holland

Traditional Moroccan Dance Troupe Wows Audiences in France and Holland

Rabat – Moroccan dance group Tizwit Ahidouss Imgoune, from Klaat Mgouna in the southeast of Morocco,toured internationally sharing Morocco’s cultural heritage in a series of concerts in France and the Netherlands in January in celebration of the Amazigh New Year 2068. 

Co-sponsored by the Berber Cultural Center of Drancy, the Committee of Berbers in France, the Franco-Berbere Association of Aulnay-sous-Bois, and the Multicultureel Jongeren Geluid of  Denhaag in the Netherlands, the Tizwit dance troupe’s 18-day tour took the group to the headquarters of the Berber Cultural Center and the famous Hôtel de Ville in Paris on January 12.  The group performed at the town halls of Blan Mesnil and Cape d’Aulnay-sous-Bois on January 13.

Ahidus Imgoun, the “Dance of the bees and the roses,” is an ancient Amazigh tribal dance originating in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.  The dance itself requires as many as 40 dancers, men and women, to execute the full array of moves and passes.

The troupedanced atthe town hall in Ile de France on January 15.  Other performances included the town hall of Issy on the 26th, the town hall of Vincennes 27, the town hall of Bobigny, the town hall of Montes la Jolie, the town hall of Noisy le Sec on the 14th,and the town hall of Epinaysur Scène.

In the Netherlands, the troupe performed for a “Moroccan wedding” soirée in Utrecht on January 20, and at the beautiful Zuiderstrand theater in Den Haag on January 28.

“Thismulti-country tour allowed us to share the beauty and traditional art of this dance troupe that comes from the luscious valley of roses in the southeast of Morocco,” said Omar Zanifi, the tour manager for Tizwit AhidoussImgoune as well as other Moroccan Amazigh dance and music artists.  “The valley of roses is well known as the home of the spectacular festival of roses that is held every year in early May in Boulmalne Dades,” he noted.

The Tizwit dance troupe has performed locally and internationally for festivals and events, including the Mawazine festival in Morocco and the LLangollen International Festival in Wales.  More information about the group is available on Facebook at “Amazigh TV-Events” and “Anzar Arts Manager” and on Youtube by searching “Amazigh TV-Events.”  Twitter: Amazigh TV-Events.Email: [email protected].

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