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Moroccan Comedian Wants to Break the Silence on Sexual Taboos

By Zoubida Senoussi

Rabat – When Moroccan humorist Amine Radi saw the widely-circulated video a man physically assaulting a woman in public near Agadir, it stirred up a question that has dominated his recent reflections: why do Moroccans refuse to talk about sex?

In a new video published in his Facebook account on Thursday, Radi points out that even just the word “sex” “ makes people want to die.”

“Where I come from, “sex” is either a shameful word or a forbidden word,” he said. For Radi, the lack of dialogue surrounding sexual activity carries grave societal consequences. He links the prevalence of  sexually transmitted diseases to the lack of conversation

Rather than addressing these issues, he explains that, “For many people, sex has become a disease.” He goes on to explain that he promotes dialogue about sex, not the act itself, as critics have previously charged.

Radi wants to break down this taboo, especially after seeing the recent video of a sexual assault in Morocco and the indignation that followed.

“When a  woman was assaulted in front of a camera it shocks a lot of people, but when it is behind the scenes no one cares and no one talks about it…it’s a cultural problem,” said the comedian, before firing off several examples of highly-publicized rape cases and other “unspeakable” acts, such as the incident of donkey bestiality in Sidi Kacem in  August 2017:. “They already raped a donkey; they went after women, men, and even chairs.”

Released on Thursday night, the video has already reached more than 170,000 views and 2,400 shares.

“Yes you’re absolutely right, we need to include sex education in schools so that young people understand and learn to respect each other, I do not believe that there is a Moroccan woman who has not suffered sexual harassment either verbal or body, frustrated society.” said a web user, “Sad reality, it’s hard to be a woman in this society, hope that people will understand your message” commented another one.

Radi has to face criticism as well. Many people think that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “I do not agree with that because rape occurs all over the world besides the United States where they say “the American dream” is the number 1 in the world for the number of rapes committed per year followed by South Africa, India and European countries NOT FROM ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES”.

Through his video, Amine Radi wants “wake people up” to the issue and make sure that they understand that talking about sex is not a shame.

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