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‘Winning Challenge of Employment is Dependent Upon Mobilization of All’: El Othmani

‘Winning the Challenge of Employment is Dependent Upon the Mobilization and Cooperation of All’: El Othmani

Rabat- Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has once again proclaimed his determination to keep fighting unemployment, the key issue that his government is keen to overcome.

Speaking at the weekly meeting of the Governmental Council on Thursday, April 12, the government chief affirmed that his cabinet’s departments are working their hardest to curb unemployment, adding that winning this challenge is dependent upon the mobilization and cooperation of all.

“We give great importance to employment, of both men and women, through the quality of training, while taking into account future occupations and technological developments,” El Othmani said.

“We have identified several priorities under the Executive Program 2018-2019, which requires further action in future financial laws, and this is what we will consider to make governmental sectors focus on more,” he added.

In addition to the outcome of the second meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Employment held on Wednesday, April 11, the Prime Minister stressed that the executive program of the national plan for employment promotion has been approved and adopted.

“Now we have clarity on the operational issue, we have an outline and executive programs and clear priorities approved for the period 2018-2019,” El Othmani said, noting that all the government sectors and private sector representatives were present at the committee meeting, in addition to the chairman of the Moroccan Association of Heads of Authorities, and all other relevant parties were mobilized to develop these operational programs.

According to the Moroccan official, the Executive Program 2018-2019 aims to create 1.2 million job opportunities, improve the employability by offering training provisions to 1.1 million job seekers, support wage employment for more than 500,000 job seekers, and keep the program pace with the creation of more than 20,000 small economic units and a rate of activity above 46 percent.

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