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Morocco Condemns Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, Calls for a Negotiated Political Solution

Despite Talks, Heavy Bombardment Continues in Syria’s Deraa Province

Rabat – Following recent enormous security escalations and the ensuing humanitarian crisis in the long-running Syrian civil strife, the Moroccan government has issued a statement that firmly condemns the use of chemical weapons and the resort to air strikes, reiterating the Kingdom’s diplomatic negotiations, and calling for a cease-fire between the parties involved.

The ministry of foreign affairs called upon all involved parties to favor a political solution won through diplomatic means. The statement further condemns any resort to military strikes, reiterating Morocco’s commitment to a diplomatic, peaceful, and political solution.

As a country that has always promoted the respect of international law and acted accordingly, the statement read, Morocco deeply deplores the humanitarian escalations as well as the targeting and killing of innocent civilian populations.

“Past experiences have taught us that military options, including air strikes—no matter how justified or proportionate—only make it more difficult to find a political solution, deepen the suffering of civilian victims and heighten their anti-West sentiment,” the statement said.

Moroccan government also exhorted the primary stakeholders in the military conflicts to opt for “appropriate consultations” and refrain from actions such as bombings, air strikes, and the use of chemical weapons, saying such military actions generally result in “misunderstandings and indignation.”

While admitting that necessary and bold steps are needed to win the fight against extremism, intolerance, and terrorism, Morocco’s government remains convinced that the means that are being deployed do not serve their intended purpose, as they “only deepens extremist sentiments” and create fertile grounds for terrorism and its vengeful agenda.

“The Kingdom of Morocco considers that the solution to the Syrian crisis can only be political, and hopes that reason will prevail with a view to finding a solution to the crisis that preserves the national unity of this country and the dignity of these populations.”


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