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Morocco Qualifies for NXP Cup Final for Autonomous Cars in Germany

Rabat – Morocco qualified to represent North Africa during the NXP Cup Final for autonomous vehicles at Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) in Erlangen, Germany. The final will take place April 16-17.

The NXP Cup is a competition of intelligent autonomous cars (kits), which function via an electronic guidance program placed onboard each kit. The cars are developed by students to perform the race without leaving the courses’ designated route. Each race team will also utilize cameras onboard the kits to help steer the vehicles. The winning team needs to complete the tour route in the fastest time.

Two teams from the engineering school of the Mundiapolis University of Casablanca have managed to qualify for the final race taking place in Germany. The competition includes teams from Europe, the Middle East and Africa region (EMEA), according to a statement from Mundiapolis.

The North Africa Regional Final of the competition was held in Casablanca on March 9, with the participation of 12 teams from various schools and universities in Morocco and Tunisia.

The two Moroccan teams which qualified for the final race include the following engineering students: Marouane Slaitane, Bachir Yacoub Mannay, Mohammed Amine Sdassi and Hala Aboujida.

Eighteen teams were qualified in the regional qualification rounds held in Germany, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

“This is with great pleasure that we have 19 teams qualified for the NXP Cup EMEA finals that will be held at the Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen on 16-17 April 2018,” according to NXP Cup.

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