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Tariq Ramadan Confesses to Having Relations with Complainant

Recent Testimony Undermines Tariq Ramadan Alibi
Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan

by Alexandra Gritta

Rabat – Islamologist Tariq Ramadan denies all accusations of sexual relations with his first two complainants, but admits to having relations with the third.

Ramadan’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigny, has acknowledged his client’s relations with one of the complainants. To date, five women have accused Ramadan of rape, but Ramadan’s defense indicated that the third incident is not what it seems.

Marie, Ramadan’s third complainant, relayed statements Thursday to French newsource Europe 1. She also provided investigators with a dress allegedly stained with Ramadan’s sperm. Tests are still being conducted to determine if there is a correlation between DNA samples.

Up until now, the Islamologist denied having any relations with the first two women who accused him of rape. But when confronted with the third woman’s evidence, he admitted to having sexual relations with her, if not the kind of relation she has specified.

“My client admits having a relationship with this woman, but not one like she describes,” stated Marsigny.

On another note, Ramadan is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis, but his medical treatment thus far has not been deemed “incompatible” with prison detention. Ramadan has been imprisoned just outside of Paris since February.

The 55 year-old theologian had banked hopes on being released due to his health condition. According to sources, he has suffered from “multiple sclerosis” since 2006,” informed doctors in a report filed with judges on Wednesday.

While Tariq Ramadan’s current care is not incompatible with detention, experts insist that Ramadan would benefit from access to better care, including its drug treatment and four times weekly physiotherapy sessions.

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