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Spain Arrests Moroccan Suspect for Alleged Terrorism Financing

Spanish Police Arrest Moroccan Citizen Allegedly Belonging to ISIS

Rabat – Spanish authorities have arrested 35-year old Moroccan suspected of alleged terrorism financing in Malaga, southern Spain.

Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported today that the arrested suspect was a regular resident in Spain.

The Spanish Ministry of Interior added that the individuals “frequently sent remittances with the aim of allowing his wife, who is one of the most dangerous and most wanted terrorists in Europe, to travel to Syria to join Daesh terrorists.

In February 2016, Spanish police found out that the suspect’s wife had left Spain on a flight to Greece via Turkey, adding that she had received sums of money worth more than EUR 6,000 euros from the arrested suspect.

This money was intended to finance her stay in Greece with a 25-year-old Palestinian, considered an “intermediate element in Daesh’s logistics apparatus.”

The Spanish ministry further said that the same woman sent large sums of money to the Palestinian suspect’s family and financed his movements in Europe between 2015 and 2016.

The arrested suspect’s statement demonstrated that he was aware of his wife’s hopes of becoming fighter in the ranks of Daesh, which she has since accomplished.A total of 279 suspected terrorists have been arrested by the Spanish security services or in collaboration with other countries since the beginning of 2015, concluded the statement.

In March, Spain’s National Court sentenced two additional Moroccan nationals to a two-year prison term for inciting terrorism. The accused had allegedly been under close surveillance since 2014, with Spanish authorities closely their online activity.

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